54-year-old “godfather” of avocado toast, chef Bill Granger, passes away

54-year-old godfather of avocado toast, chef Bill Granger, passes away

54-year-old “godfather” of avocado toast, chef Bill Granger, passes away

The death has occurred of Bill Granger, a well-known Australian caterer who was widely regarded as the “father” of making avocado toast. Granger is a successful international restaurateur and gourmet writer who was born in Melbourne. He began his culinary career by teaching himself how to cook.

At the age of 54, he died away at the hospital on Christmas day. He was surrounded by his wife and three daughters till the moment of his passing. They wrote on Instagram that he would be remembered as the “King of Breakfast” for transforming ordinary meals into a picturesque, sunny experience. He shall perpetually be commemorated for his accomplishments. Everyone will lament him profoundly, the speaker declared.

No information regarding the reason for his passing has been provided by his family.

Granger amassed legions of admirers over the course of his thirty-year career, including a significant number of his contemporaries. He also published fourteen manuals, appeared on numerous cooking-themed television programmes, established over a dozen restaurants all over the world, and generated a significant amount of interest among his contemporaries.

A number of notable people, including Hugh Jackman, Matt Preston, a former judge on Masterchef Australia, and Jamie Oliver, a culinary superstar, have praised the celebrity for being a person who is kind, energetic, and personable.

Nigel Lawson, a food author and television chef, posted the following on her social media account saying that he was the most lovable person, and the delight that he gave upon them—whether it was through his culinary masterpieces, literary works, personal spaces, or simply by being himself—arose from his magnanimity, generosity, and bright enthusiasm. He was the most endearing man. “I cannot express how sorry I am for his family. There is an extreme lack of compassion” stated Nigella. 

Granger commenced his professional trajectory in 1993, subsequent to his departure from art school at the age of 23 to establish his inaugural restaurant in Sydney. A sunny corner cafe, Bills, gained notoriety for its high-quality coffee and straightforward fare, including avocado toast, ricotta crepes topped with honeycomb butter.

Subsequent to the cafe’s meteoric rise in popularity, he established additional locations in Japan, Korea, and London, where he also established Granger & Co., an offshoot chain. Granger “revolutionised the entire brunch game,” according to Australian chef Darren Robertson, and Adam Liaw, a Masterchef Australia alumnus, referred to him as “possibly the most influential pioneer of modern Australian cuisine.”

“His ‘sunny’ codification of Australian cafe culture at Bills serves as the blueprint for all Australian cafes operating globally at present.” “Another bloody fantastic person,” Liaw wrote on social media.

Granger was awarded one of the nation’s highest honours, the Medal of the Order of Australia, in January in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the tourism and hospitality industries.

The chef reflected in a 2019 interview on the modest beginnings that laid the groundwork for his breakfast empire. “I’ve accomplished all of these remarkable feats simply because I enjoy preparing crepes and scrambled eggs, which is truly remarkable.”

Natalie Elliott, his business companion and spouse, and his three daughters, Edie, Inès, and Bunny, survive Granger.