A Czech mass shooter admitted to shooting baby in the woods

A Czech mass shooter admitted to shooting baby in the woods

A Czech mass shooter admitted to shooting baby in the woods

In a message that he left before taking his own life, the gunman who was responsible for the deaths of 14 people at a university in Prague admitted to having committed an earlier double homicide.

The message that was discovered in David Kozak’s house contained a confession that he had shot and killed a man and his infant daughter in the woods close to the city on December 15th, which was six days before to the incident that took place at Charles University. According to the police, he was suspected of being involved in the murders of four thousand people.

┬áKozak proceeded to murder his father, thereby bringing the total count of individuals he had murdered to seventeen. The university massacre that occurred on December 21 is the deadliest mass shooting in Czech Republic history. Kozak, a student at the university who was 24 years old and was pursuing a master’s degree in history, took his own life after being encircled by armed police.

The message was found by the police in Kozak’s residence on December 21st, which was the same day that the attack took place, as was initially reported in the newspaper Denik N.

A confession was included in it, stating that he had killed the two individuals in Klanovice woods, which are located on the eastern outskirts of the capital city, one week earlier.

According to the Czech media, the victims are a guy who is 32 years old and a girl who is two months old on the day of the explosion. It was “very possible” that the gunman had also been responsible for the killings of Klanovice, according to the detectives who investigated the case. The field of ballistics later verified this information.

They expressed disappointment that they had not been able to reach Kozak sooner and stated that he had been on a long list of probable suspects about whom they wished to conduct an interview.

It was the Faculty of Arts building on Jan Palach Square that was the focal point of the incident that took place at the university the previous week. Kozak was spotted firing a weapon from the rooftop of the building. During the attack, it was instructed that all of the university’s employees and students should remain inside the building.

Thirteen individuals lost their lives at the university, and a fourteenth victim succumbed to their injuries while being treated in the hospital. The police reported that a further 25 persons had been injured. The police have stated that they are still conducting their investigation, thus they have not disclosed any possible motives for the killings.

Vit Rakusan, the Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic, has requested that the mayors of all towns and villages in the country suspend their New Year’s fireworks displays in light of the tragedy.

On social media, he issued a plea to all Czechs, urging them to commemorate the tragedy in a peaceful manner. He stated that this was the least that the nation could do for those who had been psychologically affected by the deaths.