Alex Batty claims he lied about commune escape to protect mother

Alex Batty claims he lied about commune escape to protect mother

Alex Batty claims he lied about commune escape to protect mother

British teenager Alex Batty has made a bombshell revelation, admitting that he lied about the details of his escape from a remote commune in the Pyrenees mountains to protect his mother and grandfather from police.

Batty, who was 17 when he disappeared in 2017 and was found six years later in France, had initially claimed he had fled the commune after being held captive. However, in a new interview with sources, he admits that his escape was a carefully orchestrated plan to reunite with his grandmother and seek help without implicating his family.

Batty mentioned to sources that he knew he had to get out but he also knew he could not leave his mother and grandfather behind. Hence, he had to make it look like he was in danger so the police would focus on finding him and not them. Batty’s story has captivated the public since his disappearance in 2017.

He and his mother, Melanie, and grandfather, David, had been living a nomadic lifestyle, traveling across Europe in a campervan. They had no fixed address and homeschooled Alex, raising concerns about his welfare. When Batty went missing, it was initially feared he had been abducted. However, he resurfaced in France six years later, claiming he had escaped from a cult-like commune where he was being held against his will.

Batty’s new admission casts doubt on the commune story. He now says that he and his family had been part of a loose-knit community of travelers, but that it was not a cult. He admits that he had begun to have doubts about the nomadic lifestyle, particularly after his 14th birthday.

Batty’s decision to lie about his escape was a risky one. He knew that by implicating his family, he could put them in danger of arrest. However, he also believed that it was the only way to ensure his own safety and well-being.

Batty admitted that he was scared of what would happen to him if he stayed with his Mother and Granddad, and he was scared of what would happen to them if he told the truth.

Alex stated in an interview that he was apprehensive after being taken to the police station after “blurting out” his partially false story to the delivery driver.

“I thought, ‘Oh Zack, what have you done?'” he explained, alluding to the alias he adopted while travelling abroad. It was an emotional reconciliation with his family in the United Kingdom.

The adolescent stated that he intends to attend college while continuing his French studies and computer science coursework. He stated, “I will be extremely occupied researching and catching up.”

Batty’s story is a complex one, with no easy answers. His decision to lie raises questions about the lengths to which a child will go to protect their family. It also highlights the challenges of living a nomadic lifestyle, particularly for children who may not have the same opportunities as their peers.

Batty is now living with his grandmother in the UK. He is said to be doing well and is receiving counseling to help him deal with the trauma of his experiences. Police are still investigating the circumstances of his disappearance, but it is unclear whether any charges will be brought against his mother or grandfather.