Day of sorrow in Czech Republic after Prague university shooter kills 14

Day of sorrow in Czech Republic after Prague university shooter kills 14

Day of sorrow in Czech Republic after Prague university shooter kills 14

Saturday has been designated a national day of mourning in the Czech Republic, in remembrance of the 14 fatalities and 25 injuries sustained by an assailant at a university in Prague. President Petr Pavel lamented the “completely avoidable” loss of life with “deepest sorrow” and “helpless indignation.”

It is believed that the gunman, whom police stated had been “eliminated,” murdered his father and may be associated with the fatalities of two individuals last week. It is one of the deadliest mass massacres in Europe in recent history.

The gunfire began at approximately 15:00 local time (14:00 GMT) on Thursday in the heart of the Czech capital, in the Faculty of Arts building of Charles University. The gunman presumably opened fire at random in the corridors and classrooms of the building, while faculty and students barricaded themselves in rooms with furniture.

Social media users are depicted in dramatic footage leaping to their deaths from a precipice outside several stories above. Moreover, gunfire can be heard. The university student, who was 24 years old and had no prior criminal record, was identified as the shooter by the police, who also reported discovering a “large arsenal of weapons and ammunition.”

Prior to the shooting, law enforcement authorities had been informed that the perpetrator was presumed to be travelling from a neighbouring town to Prague with the explicit purpose of committing suicide. The body of the man’s father was discovered shortly thereafter.

A short time after evacuating a different university building where the assailant was anticipated to attend a lecture, police were dispatched to the main building of the faculty located nearby. Ten of the twenty-five individuals injured in the incident were critically injured, according to the police, who added that no officers were injured.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala issued the following statement: “This abhorrent conduct has shocked all of us.

“In these days preceding Christmas, it is difficult to find the appropriate words to convey, on the one hand, condemnation and, on the other, the anguish and sorrow that our entire society is experiencing.”

He declared Saturday a day of mourning, adding that all public structures would fly their flags at half-mast and that a minute of silence would be observed at midday. Numerous cultural and athletic events have been cancelled.

Near the shooting site on Thursday evening, individuals lighted candles and placed bouquets. As of yet, the motive for the shooting remains unknown.

The police indicated that they had received unsubstantiated information from a social media account claiming the attack was inspired by a similar occurrence that occurred in Russia. However, they did not disclose any other information with regard to the crime.

They added that the gunman was also suspected in the December 15 murders of a young man and his two-month-old daughter, whose bodies were discovered in a forest on the periphery of Prague.

Charles University, which was established in 1347, is the most ancient and largest institution of higher education in the Czech Republic and one of the earliest of its kind in Europe.