Israel-Gaza conflict: Within 24 hours, Hamas reports 241 fatalities in Gaza

Israel-Gaza conflict Within 24 hours, Hamas reports 241 fatalities in Gaza

Israel-Gaza conflict: Within 24 hours, Hamas reports 241 fatalities in Gaza

The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza has reported that an Israeli military operation in the territory has claimed the lives of at least 241 individuals over the past twenty-four hours.

President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine has referred to the conflict as a “heinous crime” committed against his nation’s citizens. Herzi Halevi, the head of the Israeli army, predicted that the conflict with Hamas would last “many more months.” Tuesday, Israel reportedly struck over a hundred sites in central Gaza, in the midst of rumours that ground operations are imminent.

In the wee hours of Wednesday, explosive sounds could be heard emanating from the Gaza Strip, which is situated along the perimeter with Israel. The health ministry of Gaza reported that 382 individuals had sustained injuries during the same twenty-four hours.

In excess of eleven weeks of fighting, the ministry reports that at least 20,915 Palestinians have been slain, the majority of whom are women and children. The contending factions’ assertions have yet to be verified by an independent evaluator.

The conflict commenced on October 7th, subsequent to a series of lethal assaults by Hamas against Israeli communities. Approximately 1,200 individuals, predominantly civilians, lost their lives. In all, approximately 240 individuals were returned to Gaza in captivity; a portion of them were subsequently freed.

The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip has been characterised by President Abbas as “extraordinary” and “superior to a war of annihilation.”

He described the event as unprecedented in Palestinian history. In his initial interview since the outbreak of hostilities, he told an Egyptian television channel in Ramallah that the region had undergone a complete transformation and issued a dire threat that the occupied West Bank might spontaneously collapse.

During the conflict, the Palestinian leader claimed that the United States’ decision to veto draft resolutions from the United Nations that called for an armistice had prolonged the fight.

According to Lieutenant General Halevi, who serves as the chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), the conflict would “continue for many more months” in order to “preserve Israel’s successes for a longer length of time.” This statement was made during a news conference.

“In order to completely dismantle a terrorist organisation, there are no alternatives to obstinate and determined combat,” he advised. “No miraculous solutions exist.”

The general pledged to apprehend or eliminate the Hamas leadership regardless of the length of time required, adding that the IDF was nearly finished dismantling all Hamas battalions in northern Gaza despite the terrain’s complexity.

The Israeli and Arab media outlets report that Egypt has put forth a ceasefire proposal. As per available reports, the strategy would culminate in the cessation of Israel’s offensive and the gradual liberation of an unspecified quantity of Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli prisons and Israeli hostages.

As part of a prior temporary ceasefire agreement mediated by Qatar, Palestinian prisoners were exchanged for the liberation of dozens of hostages from Gaza. Israel and Hamas have both thus far rejected demands for an extended ceasefire.