Italy sentenced parents to life for ‘honour killing’ of Pakistani teen

Italy sentenced parents to life for 'honour killing' of Pakistani teen

Italy sentenced parents to life for ‘honour killing’ of Pakistani teen

A Pakistani couple has been given a life sentence in Italy for the homicide of their 18-year-old daughter, which occurred after she declined an arranged matrimonial union.

18 months after her disappearance, in November 2022, Saman Abbas’s remains were discovered beneath a farmhouse in northern Italy.

August saw the apprehension and extradition to Pakistan of her father, Shabbar Abbas, on charges related to her murder. In her absence, his wife, Nazia Shaheen, was sentenced. She is presumed to be in Pakistani concealment.

Italy was stunned by the alleged honour slaying of Saman Abbas. The nation’s union of Islamic communities issued a fatwa, or religious decree, condemning coerced marriages in the aftermath of her disappearance. Tuesday marked the conviction and sentencing of her parents by a court in the northern municipality of Reggio Emilia.

Sources reported that Shabbar Abbas maintained his innocence in court on Tuesday. “The trial is not yet concluded.” “I, too, am curious as to who murdered my daughter,” he told the court, according to Italian media cited by the news agency.

Danish Hasnain, her uncle, was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for his participation in her homicide. Hasnain was apprehended in France in September 2021 in accordance with a European arrest warrant.

Saman Abbas, according to multiple media outlets, immigrated to the agricultural community of Novellara from Pakistan with her family when she was an adolescent.

She began dating a male of her choosing at that location. Her parents were reportedly indignant when they saw a photograph of her touching her Pakistani lover on the street in Bologna, the regional capital.

According to Italian investigators, the couple had arranged for their daughter to marry in Pakistan in 2020; however, she declined. Italian media reported that she had been under social services’ protection since October of that year. However, she resumed her residence at the family residence in Novellara in late April 2021, subsequent to which she ceased to be found. According to the prosecution, she was duped into returning home.

On April 29, 2021, three members of Saman Abbas’s family were observed carrying a blue bag, implements, and a crowbar, according to CCTV footage released by the police. Separate footage from the following day reveals the missing adolescent departing the residence with her parents.

Subsequent to the autopsy, it was determined that Saman Abbas had sustained a fractured cervical bone, potentially due to strangulation. According to human rights organisations, the most prevalent motives for “honour murders” are rape, sexual assault, or the victim’s refusal to enter into an arranged marriage.

Killings can occur for seemingly inconsequential motives, such as donning attire considered inappropriate or exhibiting conduct considered disobedient. Each year, hundreds of women are murdered in this manner in Pakistan. Additionally, considerably fewer males are murdered in such incidents.

On the advice of tribal elders, an 18-year-old woman was fatally shot by her father and uncle in a remote Kohistan district last month, in response to a photograph that allegedly depicted her with a man. After the photo went viral, it was discovered that it had been altered. Her uncle is currently elusive, whereas her father has been apprehended.