Man arrested after killing mother and children in Meaux

Man arrested after killing mother and children in Meaux

Man arrested after killing mother and children in Meaux

A 33-year-old male has been apprehended by French police on suspicion of homicide against his wife and four children. The discovery of their five bodies in a Meaux apartment, located 40 kilometres (25 miles) north-east of Paris, prompted an investigation.

As a group, the victims consist of a mother and her four children, whose ages range from nine months to ten years old. Jean-Baptiste Bladier, the prosecutor, described a scene of “severe violence” that was filled with pools of blood when the police approached the unit.

During a news conference that took place on Tuesday, he stated that the father of the children was not present within the flat, and there were no signs that the flat had been broken into.

A neighbour made numerous attempts to get in touch with the family, which resulted in the activation of the alarm. Following her observation that the shutters were closed, she came to the conclusion that an unusual occurrence had taken place.

She reported to the French media that she found blood on the door handle and in front of the door, and she then contacted the police to report her discovery.

The police were able to locate the suspect with the use of surveillance footage and later captured him at the residence of his father, which was located in the vicinity of Sevran.

Although the suspect had no criminal record, he was known to the police from a prior incident of domestic violence, according to Mr. Bladier. A month prior to the due date of the couple’s third child in 2019, the prosecutor alleges that the suspect brandished a knife at his partner.

Jurisdictional police in Versailles are conducting an investigation into the homicides. The mother and her two eldest daughters, ages 10 and 7, had sustained “a significant number of puncture wounds,” according to Mr. Bladier.

The two youngest victims, a four-year-old boy and a nine-month-old infant, were found “strangled or possibly drowned” with no visible injuries. On Wednesday, their postmortem examinations will be conducted.

According to her neighbours, the 35-year-old mother was “friendly and conversant with all.” Regarding the father, one woman remarked, “He was composed, but not at ease in his own flesh.” She reported that the spouse had discussed her spouse’s melancholy subsequent to his unemployment. Additionally, the suspect had been “undergoing treatment,” according to the neighbour.

In 2019, subsequent to the assault, the mother abstained from filing charges, and the case was subsequently dismissed on the grounds of her partner’s mental health status at that moment.

According to Mr Bladier, documents discovered during the search of the flat may indicate a prescription for tranquillizers and admission to a psychiatric hospital in 2017. Recent events in the Paris region have included the following infanticides where a 41-year-old male turned himself in late November after confessing to the murder of his three daughters, ages four, ten, and eleven. Authorities discovered their corpses in his residence located in the south-eastern suburb of Alfortville, capital, Alfortville.

A police officer murdered his three daughters in October before committing suicide at his residence in Vemars, Val-d’Oise.