Netanyahu promises an intensified campaign in the Israel-Gaza conflict

Netanyahu promises an intensified campaign in the Israel-Gaza conflict

Netanyahu promises an intensified campaign in the Israel-Gaza conflict

According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the conflict against Hamas will be escalated in the coming days.

He apprised his political party members of his visit to Gaza on Monday morning and declared that the Israeli military operation in that area was “far from over.” His remarks are made days after the secretary of state of the United States advised Israel to scale back its attacks.

On October 7th, the fighting began as Hamas carried out a deadly attack on Israeli neighbourhoods. Hamas was the lead organisation behind this attack. It was stated on Monday by the health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, that Israeli bombardments have resulted in the deaths of about 20,674 Palestinians since then. It has been revealed that the majority of those who have passed away are moms and children.

A border incursion by Hamas militants on October 7 resulted in the deaths of 1200 people, the vast majority of whom were civilians. Approximately 240 captives were repatriated to Gaza. Israel reports that 132 individuals remain in custody.

Netanyahu has made a solemn commitment to eliminate Hamas and return the Israeli hostages. During a Likud party meeting, he reported that Israeli troops he encountered in Gaza exhorted the country to continue fighting “until the end.”

“There is no halting us. We are continuing the battle and intend to increase the intensity in the coming days. A protracted conflict that is not nearing its conclusion is anticipated.

During an address to parliament later on Monday, the prime minister was heckled by relatives of hostages who demanded the immediate liberation of their loved ones.

Egypt, according to Israeli and Arab news outlets, has reportedly proposed a ceasefire between the two parties.

According to the sources that are currently accessible, the approach consisted of gradually unchaining all Israeli captives as well as an undefined number of Palestinian detainees who were being held in Israeli jails over the course of fifteen days, which ultimately resulted in the termination of Israel’s onslaught.

Palestinian captives were traded in exchange for the release of dozens of hostages held in Gaza as part of a previous temporary truce arrangement that was negotiated by Qatar.

Israel and Hamas have thus far both opposed mounting cries for a cessation of hostilities.

On Sunday, the health ministry of Gaza issued a statement stating that an Israeli airstrike targeted the Al-Maghazi refugee camp located in the central part of the strip. The attack caused damage to a densely populated residential structure and claimed the lives of at least seventy individuals.

The primary thoroughfares that linked Maghazi to two supplementary refugee camps, Al-Bureij and Al-Nuseirat, were obstructed due to “intense” Israeli air strikes, as reported by the Palestine Red Crescent Society. This impeded the advancement of rescue teams and ambulances.

Sunday, the Israeli military informed the media as follows: “We have received reports of an incident that occurred in the Maghazi camp.”

Further, the statement stated, “Despite the challenges posed by Hamas terrorists operating within civilian areas in Gaza, the Israeli Defence Forces [IDF] are committed to upholding international law, which includes minimising harm to civilians.”