Slovakia arrest upon threat to replicate the Prague attack

Slovakia arrest upon threat to replicate the Prague attack

Slovakia arrest upon threat to replicate the Prague attack

A man who had threatened to carry out a massacre similar to the one that occurred on Thursday in Prague has been taken into custody by the police in Slovakia, according to the official statement.

Man who was 64 years old was taken into custody in the city of Zilina, which is located in the north, after he called the emergency services and claimed that he meant to replicate what happened in Prague.  It is now possible that he will be prosecuted for spreading general fear, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

On Thursday, a student opened fire at a university in Prague, resulting in the deaths of fourteen people. In addition, authorities in the Czech Republic have made a number of arrests after the shooting.

An individual had called the emergency services on the same evening, stating that he desired to acquire a firearm in order to carry out a slaughter of a similar nature.

Shortly after that, the police published a video that showed officers armed with automatic rifles smashing down the door to his flat and arresting him.

Another individual was taken into custody after making a threat to kill the members of the gunman’s family who were still alive. The police reported that they had found a weapon that was legally carried at his residence in the Vysocina district, which is located southeast of Prague.

On Friday evening, law enforcement police were dispatched to a town located in the western district of Plzen after a man made a threat to shoot his community members. He was taken into custody, but it was discovered that he was intoxicated and unarmed.

As a result of the killings, there have been a number of additional security incidents, and there is a widespread sense of concern among the population. A man was reportedly seen brandishing a grenade at the busy IP Pavlova crossroads in Prague on Friday evening, which prompted the dispatch of an armed response team to the area. It was determined by pyrotechnic experts who were called to the scene that the weapon was a fake.

The media has referred to the two guys who were taken into custody as being foreigners. The traffic on the roads and trams was briefly stopped, and the metro trains did not stop at the station until the police declared the all-clear.

In the meantime, on Saturday evening, the Terminal 2 of Prague Airport was temporarily evacuated after a “English-speaking individual” called the police to report that there were five bombs planted at the airport. Even though the terminal had been searched for explosives, flights were not disrupted, and it was reopened to passengers.

On the 24th of December, the majority of Czechs celebrate Christmas. The celebrations for this year are taking place immediately after a day of national sorrow had been observed for the people who were killed on Thursday. Petr Pavel, the President of the Czech Republic, urged the people to remember those who had lost loved ones.