The freezers of King Charles help preserve enough food for a million meals

The freezers of King Charles help preserve enough food for a million meals

The freezers of King Charles help preserve enough food for a million meals

King Charles’s donation of refrigerators has enabled a food charity to provide twice as much food for impoverished families. The King donated £1 million to Buy 800 Freezers through a regal charity a year ago.

The Felix Project, which is located in London, is preserving the equivalent of roughly one million meals yearly by making use of food that would otherwise be thrown away. The freezers were referred to as a “game-changer” by another Towcester food initiative during a time when demand was at an all-time high.

Charlotte Hill, the Chief Executive Officer of the Felix Project, an agency that redistributes surplus food from supermarkets and caterers, made the following statement: “The additional freezers have been seismic, and I am very pleased of the fact that we have been able to double the quantity of food that we have rescued.”

“We are cognizant of the enormous need that exists at this time, and families are experiencing even greater financial pressure as Christmas approaches,” she explained.

The King’s provision of cash for freezers and refrigerators last winter may not have been the most extravagant regal gift, but it might have been among the most practical. Additionally, it aligns with the King’s Coronation Food Project, an initiative that seeks to combat food insecurity and decrease food waste.

The freezers and refrigerators allow food shelters and charitable organisations to store food for later, rather than having to reject it. A south London organisation that operates a weekly food bank, Keep the Drums, Lose the Knife, was among those receiving assistance.

“Before receiving the refrigerator, we were unable to receive many fresh items, including meat and fish, ready-made meals, dairy, and more; it severely restricted our ability to donate,” said Sarian Karim, the founder of the charity.

The refrigerators and freezers, according to the Towcester Community Larder in Northamptonshire, “arrived just in time, just as the cost-of-living crisis was intensifying.”

Volunteers at the food bank successfully stored surplus food, enabling them to conduct an additional session on Wednesday evenings. This session specifically catered to individuals experiencing in-work poverty.

Katie Steele, operations manager, remarked that the evening session “substantially aids those individuals who are employed full-time but still in dire need of our assistance.” The King Charles III Charitable Fund, formerly known as the Prince of Wales Charitable Fund, contributed the funds for the 800 freezers and refrigerators. The additional capacity was welcomed by the Felix Project, which redistributes hundreds of tonnes of surplus food and was the recipient of a massive industrial freezer.

“In addition to vegetables, it includes ready-made meals and meat, which are the types of foods that individuals store in their household freezers.” “It signifies that we can replicate this effort on a massive scale and distribute the food to those in dire need,” Ms. Hill explained.

As someone who has assisted with the Coronation Food Project, Baroness Casey stated that the practical impact of donating freezers would improve access to food for “communities in need” and serve as an excellent example of what is possible.