Thousands of Palestinians escape the advance of Israeli forces in central Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians escape the advance of Israeli forces in central Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians escape the advance of Israeli forces in central Gaza

UN estimates place the number of Palestinians compelled to evacuate areas of central Gaza due to the advance of Israeli forces into refugee centres there at around 150,000.

According to reports from Hamas’ armed wing and witnesses, tanks had advanced to the eastern periphery of the Bureij camp. Recently, the Israeli military extended its ground offensive to encompass the adjacent camps of Nuseirat and Maghazi in addition to Bureij.

Dozen individuals were dead by Israeli airstrikes throughout Gaza on Thursday, according to the health ministry, which is operated by Hamas. Egypt has officially declared that it has presented a ceasefire-concluding three-stage proposal to end the conflict.

Reportedly, a Hamas delegation has arrived in Cairo in order to provide its reaction to the proposal.

On October 7, Hamas militants launched an unprecedented cross-border assault on southern Israel, resulting in the deaths of 1,200 people (the majority of whom were civilians) and the capture of approximately 240 others.

The health ministry reports that over 21,300 people have been killed in Gaza over the course of eleven weeks of combat, the majority of whom are women and children.

A strip of land extending across central Gaza, including the Bureij and Nuseirat camps, has been evacuated by the Israeli military. Approximately 90,000 residents and 61,000 displaced persons in the affected areas have been instructed to relocate southwards to the town of Deir al-Balah.

Nevertheless, on Thursday, the United Nations issued a dire warning that they had nowhere to go, as Deir al-Balah was already at capacity with hundreds of thousands of displaced individuals seeking refuge there.

Rafah, which had already become the most densely populated city in Gaza, has reportedly received approximately 100,000 new residents in recent days due to Israeli ground forces penetrating new neighbourhoods, according to the United Nations.

Gaza director for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Tom White, stated that an increasing number of people were being pushed into Rafah, a town in southern Gaza, “so more people into a very small strip of land that cannot sustain them.”

The health ministry of Gaza reported on Thursday evening that an Israeli airstrike on a structure in Rafah, which was allegedly sheltering displaced civilians, had claimed the lives of twenty individuals.

The deadliest incident occurred in Beit Lahia, where the destruction of a block consisting of four residential structures claimed the lives of thirty, according to Palestinian media.

Twelve members of Bassel Kheir al-Din’s family were presumed dead and buried beneath the debris of one of the buildings, according to a local television journalist who spoke to the Associated Press. Additionally, nine of their neighbours remained missing.

Thousands of Israeli adolescents participated in a march to demand a new agreement regarding the return of over a hundred detainees that Hamas and other armed groups continue to hold in Gaza. Numerous protestors originated from the communities that were most severely impacted by the assaults on October 7th.

According to a report, the United Nations has confirmed that 300 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank by Israeli forces and settlers since October 7. A spokesperson for the prime minister of Israel denounced the report as completely ludicrous and stated that it downplayed the most significant security threats facing Israelis.