Unaccompanied 6 year old boy, put on wrong US flight

Unaccompanied 6 year old boy, put on wrong US flight

Unaccompanied 6 year old boy, put on wrong US flight

Due to the fact that he was “incorrectly boarded” on a Spirit Airlines flight, a young child of six years old travelled to the wrong place in the United States.

Beginning in Philadelphia, Casper was making his way to Fort Myers, Florida, in order to meet up with his grandma. Nevertheless, he was accidentally placed on the incorrect airline, and as a result, he found himself in Orlando, which is a four-hour drive away from Fort Myers. In addition to expressing regret, Spirit Airlines has offered to compensate his grandmother for the time she spent driving to pick up Casper.

On Thursday, Casper was supposed to go from Philadelphia International Airport to Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers in order to visit his grandma, Maria Ramos. However, he unexpectedly travelled the opposite way.

However, in a sequence that is reminiscent of the movie Home Alone 2, in which Kevin is left stranded far away from his family on Christmas because he takes the wrong aircraft, Casper was placed on a plane to Orlando, which is located approximately 260 kilometres (160 miles) away from Fort Myers.

When the plane that her grandson was scheduled to be on landed, Ms. Ramos began to feel a sense of dread because her grandson was not on the plane. The flight attendant was the first person I approached when I ran into the aircraft. I asked her, “Where is my grandson?” This individual was delivered to you in Philadelphia, right?'” One of the television stations in Fort Myers, WINK-TV, was informed by Ms. Ramos. She stated that the flight attendant expressed to her, “No, I did not have any children with me.”

It was fortunate for Casper that he was able to make a phone call to his grandma shortly after arriving in Orlando. In order to pick up her grandson, Ms. Ramos then drove all the way from Fort Myers. According to Ms. Ramos, “I want them to call me and let me know how my grandson ended up in Orlando,” she would like to know.

What precipitated that event? Was he able to disembark from the aircraft? “He chose to take the wrong flight by himself, didn’t he?”

Spirit Airlines has issued an apology and issued a statement, which read as follows: “We take the safety and duty of carrying all of our guests seriously and are launching an internal inquiry.” Our sincere apologies go out to the family for this tragic event.

Although incidences of this nature are exceedingly uncommon, there have been instances in the past in which people, including minors who were not accompanied by an adult, as well as other passengers, were placed on the wrong flight.

While travelling within the United States on Continental Airlines in 2009, two different unaccompanied girls were accidentally allocated to different planes. Both of these flights were within the United States. “Miscommunication among workers” was the explanation that the airline provided for the situation. Additionally, in the year 2019, a young kid was mistakenly assigned on a flight to Germany on United Airlines, when he was supposed to be flying to Sweden.