Marvel actor Jonathan Majors guilty for assaulting his ex-girlfriend

Marvel actor Jonathan Majors guilty for assaulting his ex-girlfriend

Marvel actor Jonathan Majors guilty for assaulting his ex-girlfriend

After a trial in New York, American actor Jonathan Majors was found guilty of assaulting his then-girlfriend. The jury determined that in March, Majors, best known for his role as Kang in the Marvel films, assaulted British choreographer Grace Jabbari during an altercation.

She testified in court that she sustained a finger fracture, bruising, a cut behind her ear, and “excruciating” agony. Majors, 34, has been dropped from prominent roles in upcoming Marvel films and faces up to a year in prison.

The verdict of the six-member jury was rendered public on Monday, subsequent to a three-day period of deliberation. According to reporters in court, as their verdict was read, Majors pursed his lips and glanced downwards but did not express any other reaction.

A Marvel spokesperson stated that the studio will not be collaborating with Majors on any future projects in light of the verdict. The heinous act occurred while the couple was driving in a New York City automobile, and Ms. Jabbari observed a text message from a different woman on Majors’ phone that stated, “I wish I were currently embracing you.”

Prosecutors allege that after she removed the phone, he seized her, contorted her arm behind her back, and struck her in the head in an attempt to reclaim it. He was judged guilty by the jury on two of the four charges of domestic violence he had been charged with. In addition to harassment, he was found guilty of assault by recklessly causing physical injury. However, on charges of aggravated harassment and assault with the intent to cause physical injury, the jury declined to find him guilty.

The prosecution characterised the assault as the most recent progression in Majors’ efforts to “impose control” over his girlfriend via physical and psychological aggression. The jury was provided with voice recordings and text messages exchanged between the former couple.

According to audio from an argument that occurred in the same month, Majors advised her to emulate the behaviour of Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King, the spouses of former President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King, respectively.

Majors refrained from providing testimony. His attorney had maintained that the actor was the victim and that Ms. Jabbari attacked him in a fit of jealousy after he discovered the text message while driving.

In June, she was countersued by Majors, who also appeared in Creed III, on the grounds that she was the aggressor. However, due to insufficient evidence, prosecutors declined to file charges against her.

The date of sentencing is February. A new protection order was also issued by the magistrate, prohibiting him from any contact with Ms. Jabbari. A Majors attorney stated in a statement that his legal team is “delighted” that the jury did not find him guilty of intentionally injuring Ms. Jabbari physically. Attorney Priya Chaudhry stated, “Mr. Majors is grateful to God, his family, his friends, and his supporters for their love and support throughout these arduous eight months.”

The criminal charges were initiated by the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Following the verdict, Bragg stated that the psychological and emotional abuses perpetrated by the actor were “far too common among the numerous intimate partner violence cases we see daily.”