Strictly Come Dancing: Brian Cox turned down show 

Strictly Come Dancing Brian Cox turned down show 

Strictly Come Dancing: Brian Cox turned down show 

Despite receiving an invitation to compete on Strictly Come Dancing, Brian Cox has stated that he declined the opportunity because he believed he was “too old” to take part in the competition. The actor, who is 77 years old and stars in Succession, told the sources that he enjoyed dancing but that he was unsure if he wanted to “continue down that route.”

On Saturday, the grand final of the dance competition was broadcast and it was seen by more than eight million people. Ellie Leach, an actress who is 22 years old, was crowned the winner of this year’s competition, making her the youngest winner in the history of the show.

The glitterball trophy was hoisted by the Coronation Street actress, who was accompanied by the professional dancer Vito Coppola. She triumphed against Bobby Brazier of EastEnders and Layton Williams of Bad Education to win the competition.

On average, they were 23 years old, making them the youngest group of finalists in the history of the competition. Cox, who played the role of Logan Roy in the television drama Succession, was questioned about Strictly Come Dancing during his appearance on the programme Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg. 

He divulged the information that he has been requested on it. However, he emphasised that I did not accept. When I say that I enjoy dancing, please don’t misunderstand me… I’m not sure why, but I always get the impression that there’s some kind of humorous connotation attached to it.

“I just thought, ‘I don’t sure if I want to go down that road.'” “There’s almost a character that’s going to be getting the elbow,” this person said. In response to the question of whether or not he could be persuaded to take part, he responded, “I’m getting too old for it anyway.”

Former cabinet minister and Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg panellist Robert Buckland revealed that he, too, enjoyed dancing and could perform the Charleston and “a little bit of ballroom.”

He stated, “That show signifies everything to me and my family.” However, he refrained from providing a direct response when queried about his interest in participating in the programme.

Having reached the finale of the programme in 2013, Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid congratulated this year’s victors. However, she cautioned them, “This is not reality.”

“Any contestants who awaken this morning will return to Earth with a lump in their throats because the air is sequin-encrusted, which is like breathing on an entirely different planet,” she continued. Angela Rippon told the sources that she believed her involvement on the programme this year had served as a source of motivation for senior citizens.

The 79-year-old presenter, who was two years elder than Cox, advanced to the Blackpool special before being eliminated in the dance-off against Brazier.

She stated that she had been “overwhelmed” by the support she had received, “including the number of women and men of a certain age who are saying you’ve been an inspiration, simply to show that what I do is possible.”

The Strictly Come Dancing 2023 championship was viewed by an average of 8.8 million individuals. This is a decrease from the previous year, when 9.2 million viewers watched presenter Hamza Yassin be crowned the winner.