The Welsh Archbishop requests Christmas peace prayers

The Welsh Archbishop requests Christmas peace prayers

The Welsh Archbishop requests Christmas peace prayers

This Christmas, the Archbishop of Wales has urged members of the public to remember those who are suffering and to pray for their calm. 

Andrew John remarked on the hardships that individuals worldwide endured during “one of those terrible years.”

He, along with Mark O’Toole, the Archbishop of Cardiff, and Simon Walkling, the Moderator of the Free Church Council of Wales, issued a joint statement.  The plights of those impacted by the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine were brought to light.

Individuals residing in Wales who are impacted by the cost-of-living crisis were also acknowledged. 

The leaders stated,”When Jesus was born, the world was not all that dissimilar to the one we live in today.” Life was difficult, families were torn apart, and there was conflict. However, God trod this earth in the person of Jesus, bringing hope to all, even in the darkest places.

The world is in desperate need of peace. It’s possible that we want to have a family that is devoid of conflict. In the midst of all the preparations for Christmas, we can find ourselves wishing for five minutes of calm for ourselves. Why not make it a priority to pray for peace throughout this holiday season? At this Christmas, we are hoping for happiness and optimism for each and every one of us.

During an interview with sources, the Archbishop of Rwanda expressed his dissatisfaction with the new Rwanda Bill that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had introduced. The conversation consisted of addressing his Christmas message. “I am quite dissatisfied with the choice that the government of the United Kingdom has made to proceed with the Rwanda bill. This law is something that I am really concerned about since, in my opinion, it is immoral.

I don’t believe that passing laws or making some modest alterations to the point of delivery will fundamentally transform a country that has not yet established a positive record on human rights. The highest court in the land has stated that Rwanda is not a safe place, and I don’t believe that this will change the situation in Rwanda.

Obviously, there is still a possibility that the legislation will fail at this point. In any case, I believe that this is a terribly wrong approach from a moral standpoint, and I strongly urge the government to reconsider its position.

The Home Office issued the following statement: “The government is determined to do whatever is necessary to stop the boats and prevent individuals from placing their lives in danger at the hands of abhorrent people smuggling gangs.”

Since this is the case, we have taken action to resolve the decisions of the Supreme Court in order to get flights to Rwanda up and running as quickly as possible. “Rwanda is prepared to receive a significant number of families that have relocated there. It is a secure nation that places a high priority on providing assistance to refugees, and our Safety of Rwanda Bill will make this fact very apparent in the legal system of the United Kingdom.